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Didn't see a thread for this one and it seems to be tough to come by many low who's got 'em?
I've had 7 and 10, now am sitting at 38 or something around there. I'd really like a shot at something in the top 10 but I don't even know who to contact. I know one person is injured and the other played a tag round with me yesterday. We ended in a tie.

I know a #1 tag owner out there sneaking around with a tag in his side pocket!!!  #CALLOUT   8)
I don't believe it was intentional.

Jake B:
I don't know why I would need a callout. It's in my side pocket because I don't want to get it dirty. I defended it in the 2nd round of Kan-u-Wyco and 2 rounds yesterday against Jon Thomas (#12). I'm not hiding, just not getting to play as much as I'd like to.

I was just hoping to see some low tags come out of the woodwork and hopefully get a challenge. It seems silly to even have a tag when it is so rare to get a challenge for a number I give a crap about winning/defending. Every time I lose a low tag, it seems the winner simply vanishes off the face of the earth. However, when I have a low tag it seems everyone and their mother is suddenly available.


Give it time, league hasn't even started yet.


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