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old rockhill golf course


DiscDisc Byrd:
Theres an old ball golf course off of blue ridge and maywood ( south of 23rd street and maywood ) in independence mo.   Looks to be a great place to put a disc golf course at least in my opinion. Has anyone checked into this?  They shut down the golf course about two years ago. I dont know if they sold it to someone or if theres plans for the area. But i would like to see a new course there. Anybody know anything about this piece of land? 

It was rockwood golf course for clarification. And it would be a great spot, but not sure what the plans are. You could put 36 holes there easily.

DiscDisc Byrd:
Yep that was the name. I played stick golf out there a few times. You are right there is a lot of room out there. A nice piece of land with so much potential going to waste. What a shame.

The owners "Kemper Sports Management" are maintaining the zoning requirements and still trying to sell it but so far no buyers.  The city wants it but super cheap price.  Seller balked last I heard from someone I used to know on city council.  Only buyers interested are property developers and city said they are not going to change the zoning laws to accompany residential/store development.  So it sits...


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