Author Topic: Need volunteers to throw discs on Sunday from 1-3 at Cliff (3-30-14)  (Read 3063 times)

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Re: Need volunteers to throw discs on Sunday from 1-3 at Cliff (3-30-14)
« Reply #15 on: March 31, 2014, 12:35:30 PM »
Well, Keizer and I disagree on the issue of the trail  I see it as a positive and slight alteration to the design of the course that though sad to see part of the course leave us, more of the park evolve into disc golf area.  Ultimately that is the goal, to make the course better and I feel as though that this is going to work towards that accomplishment.

This weekend though wasn't about the disc golf course, it was about bringing in more positive activity to the area with the intorduction to a slide on the the west of the councourse.

We had Mark Stiles, Eric Kolkmeier, and the Flying Palmers (Ava, brought Mom and Dad out to enjoy the afternoon).  Set up a little 5 hole mini course, and a couple of baskets for the area residents to ask and throw at.

Ultimately it was good day to meet and greet people in the area, and show that disc golf is a sport and an activity within the neighborhood.  Green space such as Cliff isn't about just using for one, it is about for all, and as such finding ways to make it work with a diverse population is tough.

We were the spearhead of change out there.  Others will come, we will adapt, and will be a benefit to the area.  OUr work though apparently tireless and unnoticed to some is recognized by many as the start of what is moving forward with making it a better safer, cleaner place for others to call their own.  This is a community park, as such a community should own it and use it.  Having others with that same PRIDE of cleaning and working on it will enable us all to play more and work less.  More work needs to be done now, but that is solely due to the issue of working on a finer product for our community to enjoy, and then share with the area and the world.....

Thanks so much to those of you that came out to throw some discs!  I do and the area appreciates our work out there, even if Keizer is mad that change is happening.  I understand his frustration, but I also envision so much more work out there that where it is now is but a blip on the entire project.
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Re: Need volunteers to throw discs on Sunday from 1-3 at Cliff (3-30-14)
« Reply #16 on: March 31, 2014, 03:24:54 PM »
bring your bike, we'll ride us some cliff trails after the jlowe goodwill tour stop.

My Big Sur is at Biscarri Bros getting a new cassette and full tune-up as we speak. If I'm to sabotage this trail, I'll need to blend in. 8)