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Course Conditions
« on: November 21, 2014, 06:24:56 PM »
So, I've always thought Wilbur Young was a difficult course, and wouldn't play it myself (I was right). I finally played a full round out there today with FTL. The first round Harold noticed large amounts of trash scattered throughout the course. During the 1:00 round the card I was on picked up at least five full bags of trash. You might think we sought out this trash, but we really just picked up stuff as we walked by. We picked stuff up right next the tee boxes. We picked stuff up 10 feet away from the trash can.  We picked stuff up around where our discs landed. The course otherwise looked great, but some of that trash had clearly been there for months. Might be time for a work day to pick up trash and stuff.

Next time you see Pate, Jake, Bowen, or Kelly B. out there take a minute and thank them for helping keep the park clean.