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weather is looking decent for tomorrow (4/9/14). i'll be out early. get signed up by 5:20 and i'll get cards out by 5:30. see everyone out there!

6 of us out tonight. was a little windy and the trees seemed to jump out in front of us. here are the scores:
 Paul B. - 56 - $9
 Greg M. - 59
 Charles B. - 63

 Pearse H. - 60 - $9
 Joe H. - 63
 Matt D. - 68
with all 6 of us in on the ace fund and none hit it goes up to $98. thank you to everyone for coming out! we'll start at 6 next week. have a good one.

4/16 KCFDC League at Wilbur Young
sign up by 5:50 tee off by 6. i'll be out there by 5:15. questions or running late call or text me 816*797*6764. see you out there.

8 made it out. started windy and finished pleasant. the scores came out like this:
 Eric Eastwood - 55 - $9
 Kelly Babbett - 60
 Pearse Harris - 61

 Joe Hammontree - 57 - $9 KC Cash
 Jake Phelps - 67 - $6 KC Cash
 Austin McBride - 68
 Jerry Patterson - 70

 Mark Myers - 72 (meant to give you a couple bucks KC Cash, next time you are in the area i'll have it for you. thanks again to you and Austin for making the drive out!)

all 8 of us got in on the ace fund. none of us hit it, sits at $106 now. huge thank you to everyone for coming out! 6pm start time from now on. have a great week.

4/23 League at Young
 sign up by 5:50 tee off by 6. see you out there.


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