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At Cliff Dr last weekend I saw two trash cans. One on hole 3, other on hole 5. I know I'm asking a huge request when I expect people to actually put their trash in a can, but when the course doesn't even have cans, where will an irresponsible person put their trash? Carry in carry out won't work when local residents carry in bag fulls of trash to dump along the road.

Seriously, what can be done to curb the trash at Cliff? It's disgusting. And no I'm not interested in cleaning a park 45 miles from me when residents 4,500 feet from the park use it as a landfill.

I don't like to b%tch unless I have some suggestions, so here it goes:

Put cans on every hole. Lot easier to put bottles in a can when there is a can.

Put signs along the road (bigger then the 8x11 signs on Cliff Dr) that inform of the illegal dumping consequences. I'm serious. Ask the city to have metal signs that are 2 feet by 3 feet with huge letters that say illegal dumping will cost you $X fine. Make it abnoxiously visible. I'd rather see the signs then another bag of household trash dumped along the road.

OK - here's the controversial suggestion. If locals are going to dump......let's provide them a dumpster. We provide clean needles to addicts. Let's provide an empty dumpster to dumpers.

Am I crazy?

preaching to the choir.

So, what's going to be done about it?

First solution seems to be a simpe one by replacing the cans that are no longer there.

Second solution seems to be feasible.  Asking the city to post signs about ordinances should not be that difficult.  If it is, why would the club even bother having any clean up days if the city isn't willing to post signs.

Third solution is a bit of a stretch, and could possibly encourge people to bring their trash to the park.  But the dumping is way the @#$ out of hand.

we have put signs, the trash cans get stolen...I can't figure out why.  There are cans on 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 right now.  I had planned on trying to get out there this past weekend to make a dent.

Bottom line Rob is that unless we take ownership and pride in the course and do it, it will not get done.  That is part of the reason to encourage other activities (ERTA and the new trails) into the park.  I have been working with many people over the years, club members, civic leaders, P&R, community residents to make an impact.  Although you see it as trashy right now, it pales in comparison to years past, the time is smaller.  Just this year, Doug, his kid, Matt Eklund, my neighbor Mark, and Myself went out on a 2 degree day to make an impact on the course.

Overall it really boils down to usage.  The park sees more usage, and I will work on getting replacement trash cans out there, but it doesn't solve the issue if we have people dumping the cans to get the aluminum out for their own recycle money.  The biggest thing is to pack out what you pack in.  We are not good at doing this as disc golfers.  WW is a PRIME example of how much trash we put on a course.  It overflows there as well.  It is just amazing how much we get out on a course.  So until the disc golfers as well work on this, it is tough to point fingers.  I can attest that when I see Blvd bottles in the middle of the fairway, I don't think that it is a dumping.

Now that being said, ABSOLUTELY an issue on illegal dumping.  P&R is aware, and we will and constantly look to find ways to combat it.  It really is an education thing though.  In KCMO, you only have to put the trash on the curb, and they will get it.  I mean seriously, put it in the front yard, that is it.  Yet people dump in the park.  It is uninformed illiterate individuals with the trash bags for certain.  Signs won't help these folks.

As of 9:00 AM Friday, 4/11/14, there were 2 trash cans on the whole course.  A permanent metal one on hole 3.  And a white plastic 55-gal one on hole 5. 

I think larger than life signs would help.  The tiny little 8.5 x 11" signs I saw on Cliff Drive proper when I was tooling around at 8:30 AM hardly brought attention.  I think 2' x 3' signs every 100' along Reservoir Drive would bring some attention. 

Harold gave us trash bags to clean as went Friday.  Picking up a bottle here and there doesn't make a dent when there are 5-6 BAG FULLS of trash dumped at one location. 

I'll pick up bottles when I see steps being made to stop people from dumping.  This is my question: What is being done to stop people from dumping BAG FULLS of trash in the park?

Let's work smarter, not harder. 

Why did I start this thread?  I'm not sure.  I really do like Cliff Drive DGC.  It's one of my favorit in KC metro.  It makes me pissed when I see parks trashed that way.  It also make me pissed when I see a call to arms for work days when people are dumping trash faster then we can pick it up.  We are trying to stop a torrent overflow with a bunch of toothpicks.


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