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2014 Midwest Amateur Championships - PDGA B Tier - Kansas City - August 2/3

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DDKC Scott Reek:
Welcome to the 2nd Midwest Amateur Championship held in Kansas City on August 2 and 3rd, 2014. This is a PDGA B Tier event and is designed to give a professional atmosphere for an Amateur Only Event.

1 round each day on a Tee Time format. Waterworks and Rosedale Disc Golf Course will be used and set up in their championship positions.

This year we will once again have a killer players package and Tall Grass Brewery is on board as our title players package sponsor.

$50 for all Amateur Divisions
$40 for Recreational (Trophy only)

Registration will open for this event on May 8th and based on last years registration, it will fill fast.

You can register online or
Dynamic Discs - Kansas City
2854 W 47th Ave
Kansas City, KS 66103

Online Registration

Current Pre Reg List

Rosedale Disc Golf Course (KCFDC)

Rosedale Disc Golf Course (DGCourseReview)

Waterworks Disc Golf Course (KCFDC)

Waterworks Disc Golf Course (DGCourseReview)

DDKC Scott Reek:
What items would everyone like to see in their players package this year. For the MAC, we try to have a larger than normal players package and still provide a professional experience.

As of now, it is looking to be 3 Discs, T-Shirt, DD Shoes and a Tall Grass Koozie and whatever else we can come up with for the players package. (Subject to change)



Compartmental mini's are always cool!

Looks good so far.  A decent towel would be cool.


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