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Wide Open Prep workdays for Wyco

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With the Wide Open coming to the fabulous course at Wyandotte county park, we're looking to hold a workday to get a few items of course work done.  Mainly the following:

1) Clear dead wood from the course and woods, where in play.
2) Re-stain the tee signs.
3) Spray Poison Ivy throughout the course.
4) Fill to grade. the front of several tee pads
5) other ideas?

The above are basically in order of priority.  The more we have out helping to get Wyco ready to shine for the Wide Open, then better. Saturday the 24th is looking best for my schedule.  What about all the Wyco supporters? 

We will for certain be working on the weekend of June 14/15, prior to the KCWO to paint street OBs, place temporary OB flags and install new Flags/poles. In addition to final course tuning.  I will also be looking for help each evening during the week prior to the WO to put out the event OB rope and string.

But let me know what you all think about May 24th for the general prep workday.

I am on the hunt for replacement flags. I should get you some before you work day. Thanks for everything you do out there Tracy.

I'll be on the course by 9:00am this Saturday, May 24th.  I know it's a holiday weekend, but if you have a few hours to donate to the betterment of the course, please come to Wyco and make a difference.

Hope to see you there.

Replacement flags will be in today. Come by and get them when you are ready.

I'd like to hold off putting up the new flags 'til closer to the WO. I'll leave that up to John P-3 to do at his convenience.  Anyway, thanks for getting the new flags, Dick.  John or myself will be by to pick them up when one of us can.


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