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5/14 mini


dan howard:
Great night at Rosey with the fresh mow! Thanks Penny for running league with a small turn-out (suspect Wyco may have been the big draw, scores Rob?).  Lotsa casual players on the course tonight, including a bunch of old guys we ran into on hole 5's tee who acted like it was their course. We moved to 10 and had a great evening!

Mr. Smooth operation Carduff - 46
Jared K (hopes Beckett got the rest of the cash...)-48
Zeke "make me a trophy" Henry-50
Dan @*&#ing putters Howard - 54
Jason 5 smokes for 5$ - 60's somewhere.

Some Am's payed too, I think Dixon shot 51.

No problem Dan @*&#ing putters Howard, didn't even hear about the guys on 5.

The am scores are as follows,

Matt Dixon           51
T.J. Barnes          52
Jason Pennington 54
Juan Hernandez   56
Eddie Colbert       57

Thanks, for everyone who came out.  We will have more people next week I hope!

dan howard:
Thanks for stepping up an running it Penny. As for those guys on 5, well that woulda been Ben, Jay, Frank(??) and a couple more, you know, those old guys ;D A cali singles round or something like that was going on, we needed some


Yep, me, Ben H, Danny K, Frank W. Some of us have a really hard time making the 6pm start, so we started playing KC Cali instead. Pete C and Mike T are usually there as well. Hope we didn't mess up league flow. We usually play pretty fast since a lot of holes push.

Who is running Wednesday league? Saw Scott's name on the other league.....

dan howard:
Wasn't a problem at all Jay, Penny (who's temporarily running league) had started our card on hole 5 and we changed that to hole 10. I was just having some fun.


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