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"WORK DAY" June 14th

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Wide Open will be here soon.. Please, anyone that can help. Parks and Rec. will supply a truck load of mulch the week of the 9th.  On the 14th(Saturday) we will be spreading mulch, painting basket poles, and hanging new flags and mando signs.  We will have.. thank you to Doug an ATV to move the mulch to all the tee pads. We have all the tools that we need to get everything completed. We just need the man and women-power. June 14th!!!!  Swope Park, 10:00 am.  We will fire up the grill and cook some burgers and dogs.  Please help if you can............

These days are what make the  Wide Open. Come out and help. You'll feel great about yourself, your town, your club, and your dog? Whatevs just lend a hand wherever you can.

Just a reminder..... Work Day this Saturday 10:00am at Swope. I'm working on getting a count on who will show, so that I know how much food and beverages, yes this means "FREE BEER". We do need your help!!!!!  Even only if you can help for an hour or two(or until we are done). If you dont know how to get ahold of me just reply     here..... We have all the equipment to get everything completed.  WE JUST NEED YOUR HELP!!!! 

This is tomorrow starting at 10 a.m.  That time is just to let you know someone will be out there by 10.  If you cant make it at that time, it is o.k. we will be out there all day.  You can still come out and help, even if you cant be there until noon.

Ben told me there were approx. 14 people out for the work day last Saturday. I never once had a work day with that many volunteers. Hats off Patrick Smith and all he and Gary B. have done at Swope. Their energy has clearly motivated many. Thanks again to everyone who participated.


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