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Work day this Wednesday, June 4th at 10am-BACA prep


john theiss:
Been awhile since Wilbur has seen some love and the course could use some TLC before BACA.  I know that 10 am on a work day is crazy time, however many disc golfers have non traditional hours. 

Do not worry about not having tools. I have everything that we will need...chainsaws, loppers, backpack sprayers, chemicals, etc. 

Contact Joe or myself by forum PMing. 


john theiss:
3 of us out today to get a head start.  we got in about 12 hours of combined work. Work Day is still on for tomorrow. 

We accomplished a ton  today and Wilbur is going to look great for this weekends event.  Hope to see you out there tomorrow.  If you have a weed trimmer that would be helpful to bring out....but most importantly just bring yourself and some gloves.

i want to give a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to Tyler Mattoon. he has stepped it up and put in 5 benches that i have seen so far. #'s 2, 3, 4, 15 & 17 have a place to sit now. Tyler, you are the man! THANK YOU!

john theiss:
Benches are nice to have.  Tyler took some 2 x 12 from my backyard to build those benches.  Glad i saved the wood and it found a great new home.

Young got a poison ivy spray treatment today.  3hrs of spraying and almost got it all.  Heading back to hit some ivy growing up trees with my friend Tordon RTU. 

There is a chain missing on 12's basket.


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