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Convent park or something like that?


I Think that the name but any way its on the eastside right off of 17th street it has 3 disccraft
Basket in it. That new to me they are just popping :shock:  up every where  :D   ok just wanted
to know if the club put them up..       Later TeK II

Mike Penney:
huh? News to me. Where is this park and what is its name agian?

Ok 18th and Corrington Might be Corrington park i'm on google maps right now looking at it and don't see the park but I see where the park should be..,-94.498959&spn=0.021179,0.038996&hl=en
 In the sadellite Picture you can see the Baseball diamond... But I do know the park has the same name as the Road Corrington..

Corrington Park neighborhood association bought 3 baskets a few years back, it has been there for awhile, I play it occasionally, but not that much.

thanks jack i talked to M.M. the sweeper and he told me about it...


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