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Steve the Quiz Berry:
I was wondering?

Has anyone ever seen, or tried laying a ...say a 40 foot perimeter of zoysa sod around a basket location.
Forming a green of course, that does not,  necessarily, have to be in a circle.
Any shape,  maybe even around tree's.
Might solve mud issues on the green.

Zoysia will grow well only in full sun.  It is very invasive and will spread; but once again, only in full sun. 
Zoysia is one of the first turf types to turn brown/go dormant in the Fall as well as one of the last to green-up in the Spring.

The Nailerâ„¢:
I prefer dirt.

Steve the Quiz Berry:
 ::)  Dirt...that reminds me to much of horse shoes
--- Quote from: The Nailerâ„¢ on June 19, 2014, 04:18:41 PM ---I prefer dirt.

--- End quote ---

Jake B:
I've wondered whether some type of creeping grass like Zoysa would grow on Waterworks hole 6 fairway. I read that it has origins in erosion control. I don't think it won't in the shade, just not as well. I'm sure there's a variety that will grow in shade better. We need to do something about the bare spots around the city. Many trees have died and are continuing to die off due to the toll erosion has on them.


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