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Swope League 7-01-2014


Nineteen players came out for a great evening of golf with a slight NE breeze and warm sunshine  ;D  Several players asked to be carded, err, placed together, and I did my best to accommodate... With two other gatherings on the same night (SMP and Old Pike) it seems lots of folks had the right idea -- set the DVR, or skip the TV altogether!

All entered the Ace Fund, but alas, we played all long tees (including the new #16) and no one scored the perfect drive :\  We played w/OBs but w/o Mandos.

Innova provided some CTP prizes which were eagerly accepted by the winners. Way to 'bee  :D

Scores as follows:

1. 52 CD $15
2. 53 Mike Murphy $10
3. 54 Matt Crowe $8
4. 55 John Friend $6
T5. 56 Edwin Hart (won playoff) $3
T5. 56 Scott Herring
T5. 56 Mark Stiles (left early)
T5. 56 Kevin Corbett (left early)
9. 57 Chris Cossette
10. 58 Jay Rivard
11. 60 Fred Fortsen (won CTP #2, IOU)
12. 61 Brian Swezey
13. 63 Jason Lyon

1. Amy Crowe 74 $3

1. 56 Brett Main $8
2. 63 Graham Long (won CTP #7)
3. 64 Zack Firl
4. 67 Dave Blackburn
5. 73 Todd Henderson

Having not run a league in many, many moons I was glad to fill in for Van as he was surprising his wife with a birthday dinner!

~CD the TD~


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