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I recently had some company in town which included a seven year old. He got really excited when he saw the basket in my yard and exclaimed that he has played "frisbee golf" at Boy Scouts camp. We threw a lot of puts around the back yard.  I was thinking that the next time we go up to visit them I would bring a few discs as a gift for him to use, and hopefully grow into.

I did a little bit of preliminary research and saw that the EDGE series is a good set of beginner and kid discs, but also noticed that they don't seem readily available. What kind of discs would you recommend, and how many do you really think he would need? I was thinking two or three discs would be an acceptable startup since he's so young and can't throw far.


Putters, Mids, Fairway Drivers.  Local boy scout troops include disc golf as a badge. Anyone involved with Scouts may know. Fred Smith:) But yeah, maybe Aviars, Wizards, Buzzes, Stingray, Cobra, Roc, Valkyrie, etc. all in lower weights. You know, the same discs in my bag  ;D

Talk to the stores, DGW about putting an EDGE kit together would be ideal.  THey know what they are, and may be able to order it if you needed it.

Latitude has a line of easy to use discs that are mostly lightweight.  Got some for my son (8 Years) and he loves them.

All good Advice.

Eric, I'll be at Waterworks league this week. I expect to see you throw a 150g Valkyrie all night. To be fair, I don't know many people who throw a Valkyrie as well as you and make it look so effortless.

D Craft, I'll definitely look at the Latitude line of discs, seem lightweight and if they work for your eight year old will be about the right speed (I hope). I'm not even sure how often he will use them, but he had fun at my house.


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