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mister pfister:
...hey course commandant, when are we having this workday you mentioned? Please note there is a two-day KDGA tourney on April 9 & 10 here in KCK. Also, who can I borrow a legit chainsaw from? I'll have the blade sharpened if anyone wants to lend one. Otherwise, I'll have to rent it for $60 per day. Will the Parks's Department drive down the #13 fairway to pick up stuff we cut and drag to the edge of the fairway?

I am planning on being out there on the 26th, weather permitting. I intend to complete the clearing of the #14 tee-pad area (pond view), as well as the continued clearing of #13 cliff-face. Anyone who wants to help for a couple hours, please give me a shout and we'll arrange a time.

Also want to give a high-five to Kevin and all who have worked at WYCO. The course looks great - thank you!

Mike Penney:
As far as I know the only mentioned work day is the 26th. A chainsaw, you would have to talk to the CC (House) about, but for $60 you can buy one at Sears or a pawn shop. Now the brush you cut down has to be dragged to the road. The P&R won't drive on the grass to get it, and we really don't want them to.

Yes, Mike is correct. The first of several workdays is scheduled for this Saturday, Feb. 26th. The other two on the schedule so far are on March 26th, and April 16th.

As far as 02/26/05 goes, I will be at the park around 8:30am - 8:45am to get things kicked off. Our agenda will be to focus on the steps on holes #7 and #8, moving brush already cut on holes #12 and #14 to the edge of the road, moving brush cut on hole #8 to the road by #9 teepad, as well as general trash clean-up. We will be meeting by the teepad for hole #8 (along cliff drive). I am hoping to have at least 2 chainsaws there as well as some other tools, however any tools that you folks can bring would be appreciated as well. Soda, beer, and food will be provided for those that attend.

As far as renting a chain saw...We should have enough powered cutting tools there for the first work day. We'll play it by ear for the others.

mister pfister:
...if anyone see's a nice 16-18" chainsaw in a pawnshop, please let me know. Does anyone know where we can borrow a flat trailer to load all the stuff on, and then take it up to the road? I have a hitch, so I can pull it.

How do you contact Ted to see what weekend days are available to play the Ted's Dread course. Chris and I were discussing today the possibility of doing a 'DIVA' day out there.

See ya'll on Saturday!

ted kubicki 913 530 3312, call a day or two ahead of time in most cases.
woodz 816 333 3105 or thursday thru monday at kelly's 10-4,
816 561 5800.
I know woodz has been encouraging sunday morning/noonish league. they appreciate a $5 per player contribution or ask about a workday to trade out for some of kansas city's most challenging golf.


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