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I was thinking about coming to the league on Fridays.  Anything special I need to do?  I'm rather new, only been playing for about 6 months.


Kevin Montgomery:
Nothing special at all. Just show up and bring $5 ($6 if a non-member) and be ready to throw. We tee off at 5:45 for now and will be teeing at 6:00 starting on May 13th. Try to get there at least 15 minutes prior to tee off to sign up and get your name on a card. I hope you can make it out.

The ace pool at WyCo is over $400 now and no one has ever hit and ace during league. But there have been several hit at other times. Come on out and give it a go!

Mike Penney:
Wow , no Aces hit during league???? What's up with that?.....WyCo is such a beautiful park.....wish it was closer to my house....I've only made it to one league out there, but of course that would be the one when noone else showed up. I imagine league is pretty fun out there....

I played WyCo on Saturday nice course, I found it somewhat difficult to find my way around the first time.  They really, really need to mow as of Saturday, but I imagine that will be done sometime this week.  I'll give it another go :)

Sounds good.  I'll definitely try to be there this Friday.  The lack of Aces doesn't surprise me since there are only 2, maybe 3, holes that are really Aceworthy.  Of course, my distance is leaves much to be desired.  That's part of the reason I love WyCo so much.  I can just let 'er rip and not worry about cars or people should my wild flailing cause my disc to go astray.  :P  



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