Author Topic: Things I have found and lost over the last few little whiles  (Read 1750 times)

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Things I have found and lost over the last few little whiles
« on: January 13, 2007, 12:13:06 AM »

Since I still have the things I've found, I'll start with things lost while I'm thinking of them.  Now that I've found this board I'll try not to let things build up.

My sunglasses @ Rosedale up top back 9 in summer.  Silver/smoke lens, made in Japan, metal frames brand Zeal - very good condition last time I saw them

Brownish dark chameleon Rosedale top first 9 in fall - patched with silicon, it's truly battlegear and an old friend
If you don't know what a chameleon is, don't worry about it 8p.

Several unfinished beers 8(

A blue Aviar DX at Rosedale top in the first snow, should have "Badger" or some remnants of such on it and possibly a cell# that is no good - or not

I found a white Aviar Rosedale down under the next week, but my new to the game friend lost it a couple weeks later at WW - pretty sure it was unmarked

Aerobie sharpshooter #3 Rosedale top around pin 12 long placement (I think it fell out of my bag)


Last week sometime I noticed a disc in the drop @ Rosedale.  It wasn't very secure, and I don't know if that tube thing is checked since it's all pried open.  Anyway, it's unmarked but looks like a custom dye job - email me with the type of disc it is and we'll hook up.

Nick Shaw, I found one of your discs, email me.

Jake #13910 I found an old ROC with a BiiiiG crack in it at Swope, you probably meant to leave it there.

Same day at Swope, found a black Stratus with teeth marks/holes - I had a lot of fun with it then it disappeared at Sunnyside park in Waldo.  I think it was ganked by a chick with a baby carriage of all things as there just isn't anywhere to lose it there really and no one else around.  It was unmarked too and a much better roller and more consistently understable than the one I got to replace it 8(

Aidan - drawing a blank on where it's from

Heffe - Rosedale up top

Kevin Corbett #17588 WW (it had a cute lil light on 8) ps <3 this disc DON'T email me 8p

and one more sweet disc at WW - it's my fav driver atm and it was unmarked, kinda has a worn off name and number that was in green.


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Re: Things I have found and lost over the last few little whiles
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2007, 08:58:58 PM »
Semi related, I have a nine holer temp course in my my mind for Sunnyside, short shots through the tree grove and along the path.
Let me know what you think if we can do a toss & plan.

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Re: Things I have found and lost over the last few little whiles
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2007, 12:30:14 AM »
Hey Slim,

I've considered the same thing on more than one occasion, as it's about 5 blocks from my house!  Hit me up with your number and I'll give you a call - we'll work out a time to get on it.

ps I'm not that great a player, but quite enthusiastic - about the only weather I won't play in is heavy rain - haven't tried anything under 30F either but I'm open to it