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The Bird Father:
2007 Bag Tags return again this year at a very low price of $5.00 each.

If everything goes as planned, Tags will be Available at the Ice Bowl.

Just like last year, tags are for KCFDC members or you can join the club at the ice bowl and then purchase a tag and it will be random draw as they are purchased.

Here is a link were you can check them out.

They will also include a "KCFDC 2007" green caribiner.....

Great looking tags at an even better price....get yours before they are gone

150 Tags available this year.

These are a lot different from last year. Is this is the final design?


Kevin Montgomery:
I like 'em. I think they'll look great once the number is in the blank area.

I like them too. Number 1 looks real nice. You guys can go ahead and send me that in advance for the bogey free -19 I am going to shoot at the Ice Bowl ;D

The Bird Father:
That is the final design, because we had to get them in today in order for them to be ready at the Ice Bowl.

I'm sorry if you don't like them, but the material is going to be about twice as thick as last year and they are full color.  They may be a little small, but keeping them below $5 a piece is not an easy task, especially considering the quality  these will be compared to last year.


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