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From D.G. Thuggy - Come and get me beetches!

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I am posting this for D.G. Thuggy, whose identity, like that of a luchadore, remains shrouded in mystery.  He claims to have dropped on the Ice Bowl "like a atom bomb, mother#(*@!!!" and crushed all in his path to come away with the prized Number 1.  To hear him tell it, he will only release the tag "when some stone-cold killa pry it from my cold dead hands and sh*@!"

We shall see, D.G. Thuggy, we shall see.

You must play in a KCFDC event at least once per month. I wouldn't count on keeping that #1 too long.

The Bird Father:
Rule #6 to be exact.

Dan Weinert:
Someone has to recognize that semi-cheesey mustache... ??? ??? ???

Hmmm....That nose neighbor does look familiar.  I think he might be the ghost of Errol Flynn.


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