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Justin Case:

 I'm new to disc golf and play at Rosedale. I recieved a flier from I believe he said his name was Mike for the Kansas City Disc Golf Day. I was wondering what exactly the Kansas City Flying Disc Club is, and what the benifits if any are of joining.

Kevin Montgomery:
The main benefit of joining the KCFDC is to support disc golf in Kansas City!

The KCFDC is the driving force behind all disc golf courses in Kansas City. We have working relationships with the parks departments and do nearly all of the work to install and maintain the courses you play on. Including and especially Rosedale, the most played course in town.

Other benefits; occassional newsletter, discounts on club merchandise, discounts on entry fees at select tournaments, discount at most leagues and best of all two annual general membership events. The spring picnic this year will be in conjunction with KC Disc Golf Day and include food and beverages for members. In the fall we have a general meeting in conjunction with the club championships where elections are held for club officers. The fall meeting is either a picnic at the club championships or a buffet at a local restaurant.

The club Executive Committee consists of a president, VP of KS, VP of MO, treasurer, secretary, sgt at arms and a course coordinator for each course in Kansas City. The course coordinators are the individuals that schedule and spearhead workdays at their respective courses to get all of the maintenance and improvements that you see done. As well as the day-to-day things like posting on the marquee and dealing with stolen or broken equipment. The parks departments support us but do very little besides mowing to maintain and improve our courses. With eight permanent course in the ground in Kansas City we need all the support we can get. The work done by members of the club is purely volunteer. So, as you play the course and see the mulch, multiple pin placements, landscaping, etc.... you can thank the KCFDC for all of it.

Again, the most important benefit I can think of is to show your support for disc golf in Kansas City.

Kevin Montgomery
WyCo Park Course Coordinator


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