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Work day this month?

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Just wanted to know if we had a work day this month on cliff had to miss the last one because
I had to clean out a house Some of you might know the person.
His name is Denney think that is how its spelled well i got 4 disc basket for the work.. :P
Let me know when the next work day is i want to be their love to work  my very local course...
This sat. i think mad dog and me are going to met up and plant some tiger lillys.

Kevin Montgomery:
Four baskets?! These weren't Mach III baskets were they. We've had a rash of stolen baskets lately you know. Not making any accusations you understand, just asking.

In the past we have found stolen baskets by simply driving by houses with them in their yard and once at a garage sale.

I don't know the person you are talking about though.

Nope home made baskets come by my house (next to knights BBq) and check them out got one setup in the back yard
they look good for home makes.. this baskets didn't come with poles or chains i have one put together with pcv right now
but i want a galvanized pole does any one know where i can get one of thou's?

Mad Dog:
Yo Tim,

  Sorry we didn't hook up on Sat. I did get a bit more done around Tee 13. Added some steps and stones with some help from Penny, Soup, And Wardo. Penny and I cleared out the bursh up to the cliff and now it looks more impressive sitting at or standing on the Tee.  Sun. I got a few lillies out of my girl friends yard and planted them on the hill side in front of the Tee. Next week I am planning to get some columbine to transplant closer to the Cliff.

   I am really liking where this course is heading. It is a battle between WW and CD, as to which is my favorite course. Both are scenic and unique but the fact that CD is still in developement is a chance to shape or build the course. So much needs to be done still. CD is also the closest to my front door.

  Tim so you like to play in the early morning. Well, once it starts to get hot I will be activating the Dawn Patrol, with tee times at sunrise for those who wish to get in a round in before work. I will include you Tim and any others interested. I just need to know (drop me a line), but I will be posting it ahead of tee time.

  On Sat. Penny and I where working at Tee 13 when we witnessed a cyclist speed by on the drive and flick a disc to two people on the 12th Tee. once they made their way the 13th, they passed it on to me(collector of lost discs). As it turned out, It was Soup's disc. He had already played a round and left. Penny said " that is the coolest thing I've seen out here" and would have to agree. Later, I spoke with Soup and he told me that he had lost it on the 17th fairway, way over the cliff. So far over that it landed on the road below. Hence the Cylclist found it and returned it. Now I waive to all the cyclists when they go by.  

Christian, goD daM, Mann IV

No no my bad I was out side weed eating and did not here the phone ring.
So maybe we whall hook up this sat. or some other time.
Well I work the late night 11-7am and I would love to do some golfing when I get
off work. You get to see all kinds of annapal's on the course.
One time at rose I see 4 white tails on hole 6 then on a nother occason at
WW  on hole 15 I was about to tee off and seen 4 more..

I love nature it rocks its sad to see in the paper that :evil:  Bull Sh!t Bush  :evil: is opening
the parks across the US to be drilled and taped of thier life.  Oil wood and Gold ohh my..


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