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Just a friendly message for all the New and Developing players.  There is a FREE league on Monday nights at Rosedale park 5:30 tee off.  Steve is the guy you need to look for at the course.



Is this still going on? I would like to play some organized golf. I am just a hack wanting to get better!

This is currently on hold until the Spring.  But most of the guys who have played in the New Players League for the last year or so are still showing up at Rosedale on Mondays to play Glow golf.  We tee off at 6pm Snow, Ice, or whatever.

New Players Disc Golf League
Sponsored by:

The Kansas City Flying Disc Club

When: Monday Evenings Sign-up at 5:00pm Tee Time 5:30pm
Where: Rosedale Disc Golf Course
What:  A free Developmental League for players of all Skill levels, including Women and young adults.

If you’ve ever wanted to play Disc Golf in an organized setting but, didn’t think your skills where up to Par then this is the league for you.  This league is geared towards developing your skills in a competitive setting while having a good time.  We will be recording everyone progress with scores and averages so you can see how you improve.  It is open to anyone and everyone, with prizes for most improved average, most attendance and other fun prizes.   There is no cost to play, however we will have a season long ACE pot that is an optional $1.  Come join us this year starting March 10th 2008 at 5:00pm and visit for more details, or contact Steve Harris at 816-985-1884.

Does the new players league aleays get started right at 5:30?  I would like to play this evening, but I don't think that I will be able to make it there by 5:30.  Probably 5:40 is a bit more realistic.  Anyone know that has played in this league before?



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