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Where is NPL this week? I know the sign said Swope but last week they were at Swope. I want to make sure I am at the right place tonight.

Tonight we will be starting at 5:30 and continue to do so until the end of the season.

World Champion David Feldberg will be in town and at Rosedale on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for a Driving Clinic that will start at 5pm each night. This Clinic will last an hour and Dave will show how he drives with accuracy and power. This clinic will be great for players of all levels.

Just wanted to let all the new players and women know that after talking to Ben and Rhonda and how well the clinics went last year that Dynamic Discs will be presenting more clinics for the Monday leagues. We will start these earlier this year so we wont get into your playing time unless you want to stick around for additional tips.
The first league of the season is Monday April 1 and Laron "Whoman" Harris will be at Rosedale at 5:00pm to start a weekly series of clinics and really go in depth on the strategies of disc golf and how to approach everything from your discs to the shots your about to throw.
For those new players that havent heard of Laron Whoman Harris he is a Professional Disc Golfer that played at the highest level around the Midwest and won many PDGA events. He is also a great teacher of the game and Eric McCabe credits Laron as being his Mentor growing up in the sport.
Also Innova Pro Ken "Tank" Franks will be doing a few clinics also later in the month and I will let you know when that will happen. Ken is another great teacher and his "On Tour" expierence is priceless.

See you tonight for the Clinic with Laron at Rosedale Park!


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