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Dan Weinert:
Because of the big sink holes, Reservoir Drive is closed down by 17. You need to go around the park via Wabash to East Lookout. Follow Reservoir drive and park anywhere on the east side to begin play. Does anyone know what the city is thinking on road repair?  ???

Dan Weinert:
Now that I think about it...it may help to keep rifraf out of the park.  8)

Those are some serious holes, too. Hope they get them fixed properly and soon.

I dunno about repair, I actually would like to have it closed FOREVER, but I doubt that will happen.  It is in horrible shape, and my PIAC request to repair the road was regretabbly not authorized this year....

Dan Weinert:
Thanks for the info Jack. One of those holes is currently at "car swallowing" stage and I am sure it will get worse with all the rain scheduled for this week.


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