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Kcfdc pdga Traveling League, Feb 3
« on: January 29, 2018, 12:38:48 PM »
After discussion with Jack Lowe, I believe that Swope Park Disc Golf Course will still be in the ground on Saturday, February 3, but may not be on Saturday, February 10.  Don't read into that anything more than that, as a date certain has not been announced for when the course will be pulled.

With this in mind, I am altering the Safari Saturday schedule:

Saturday, February 3, 2018 Swope Silver and Gold
Saturday, February 10, 2018 Lakeside Hills (Birdland)

Saturday, February 3, 2018 at Swope Silver and Gold will be a flex start event.  First cards can go out at 9 AM, last card out at High Noon.  I will make arrangements to get people their payouts - I know people won't want to wait around.  That said, I want to give as many people as the opportunity to play one last singles rated round at Swope. 

The cost is $5 for KCFDC Members, and $6 for non-members.  Add a buck for the ace fund.

I will consult with Dean Gary, and hopefully I can get the Swope to the following course set up - I want to cover every inch of the Swope course:

1.  Long, double mando, par 3
2.  Middle (the long position that's left), par 3
3.  Long across the street, par 4
4.  Long, par 4 - no mando
5.  Long pad, long left par 3
Gold 1.  1092 foot par 5 - no ropes, only street and parking lot OB
Gold 2.  Only, par 3
Gold 3.  Only, par 3
Gold 4.  Only, par 3
6.  Long, par 3
7.  Left - double mando (hey, I want an ace run hole), par 3
8.  Long, par 3 - no mando
9.  Short - mando left of tree, par 3
10.  Long - mando left, retee if missed, par 3
11.  Long pad to long over hill, par 4
12.  Long, par 3
13.  Long pad to cliff (rocks left are NOT OB; street is hazard area), par 4
14.  Long pad to long - mando left of tree, par 3
15.  Short (hey, I want another ace run hole), par 3
15A.  Street behind barricades to peninsula hole, par 3
16.  KCWO Long pad to long left on corner, par 4
16A. 16 short pad to short basket.  par 3
17.  Short (double mando - hey a third ace run hole!), par 3
18.  Long pad to long, par 4

24 holes.  Par 79.

All roads that cars have access to are OB.  If there is paint, use the paint as the OB line.  Benefit of the doubt goes to the player. Over those roads is also OB. 

Any parking lots that cars have access to are OB.

The rock circles in the fairways are OB.  The painted line (assuming I have a chance to paint) marks the OB.  The rocks by the roads are NOT OB markers.  The rocks on 13 are NOT OB.

The clubhouse is OB, including the deck and stairs.

Holes 1 (double), 7 (double), 9, 10, 14, and 17 (double) have mandatories.  DZs will be marked for all holes EXCEPT hole 10 (re-tee with penalty).

Hole 3, the entrance road and parking lot play as a pond/river.  The main road is OB.

Gold 1.  The entrance road plays as a river.  The main road is OB.

The road between 13 and 14 will be a hazard area (play from road, 1 shot penalty).  Both sides of the road are safe on 13, over that road is OB on 14.

Hole 15A must come to rest on the peninsula on your drive.  If you do not come to rest on the peninsula, play from the DZ with a 1 shot penalty.

See ya Saturday at Swope Park, one last time.

Of note: if someone is at Swope with keys when the last card is in, I'll happily move baskets to make it more friendly, or I can come out early Sunday morning to move baskets.  Again, I'll talk to Gary Birge about that.
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