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5/12 Water Works


It was all fine for the first 12 holes...

We were on 5 when we noticed the world to the West was being swallowed by blackness. I muttered something about having 20 minutes. Five minutes later it hit. 50+ winds, lightning, and cold driving rain.

Some headed for the cars, some finished the round, and some sought refuge in Terapin Station. Many left so it was decided to refund entries. Those that I did not catch before leaving will get refund or entry into another WW league.

How's that for a homecoming round Joe? Looks like I owe you $6. Send me your address and I'll mail it to Michigan. :c)

I waited quite a while for the Station group but they never showed. From the sounds of the phone call they were having quite a time... heck, they might still be there.

nice post Ted, your great!


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