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Mad Dog:
I Christian Mann earned my first ace on Sunday May 15th at Swope, on the 8th fairway. I have been playing Disc Golf off and on for now 25 years and this was a first. The placement was long and on top of the next ridge. There was a pratice basket in the short placement. the pratice basket was in fact the one I drove into the chains like a laser guided missle and with twelve witness.

My question is what kind of ace did I just get? I know it didn't count as an ace(I parred the hole), But it is not a black ace either, because the placement wasn't on another fairway nor was it a basket that was in play. So, did I just earn a Grey Ace?

I didn't have 60$ in my pocket but I will be buying the Beer League beer for next weeks league play in loo of my errant ace.

I think it would be a black ace anytime you crash a basket that's not the hole your throwing too.  

Still i'll bet it was a pretty sweet crash 8)

Kevin Montgomery:
If you called it before you threw it I don't know if I'd call it a black ace. Did everyone know you intended to put it in that basket? If not and the fact that the disc went in that basket was a complete accident, it's a black ace for sure.

Mike Penney:
Black Ace, no doubt about it..........I'll be enjoying the beer next week :D

Mike LaFontaine:
Did you take a dump on the following hole?
If so, it's called a "Mason Ace".


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