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Montgomery Farm Ace - Jeff Campbell

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Kevin Montgomery:
We set up a nine-hole course down on the farm this past weekend. It's a course layout I have used several times in the past. We played the course three times and on the third time through Jeff Campbell - aka Soup, hit hole #3. It was about 260-280 up hill and blind, behind a barn. the basket was one of the "octopus" baskets donated to the farm by the Army Major, Matt Ambrose, that had the course on Fort Leavenworth with them.

Anyway, that's the first ace hit at the farm. The throw was a big hyzer and looked great all the way. The disc dropped behind the barn and Jeff said "I think I heard bungee". The "chains" on these baskets are rubber rope. I don't think he hit the rope. I think the disc just dropped into the tire and stopped. The scene was awesone. The basket hangs from a big sycamore tree and has a beat up 1960 Ford 1-ton truck as an obstacle to the left of the basket. Several of us had to throw from the bed of the truck after our discs went under.

There is some great land at the farm for disc golf. The next time we have a disc golf weekend down there I hope more people can make it.

Way to go Soup!!  I hope you enjoyed the hamburger in lieu of the $5 spot.

Mad Dog:
I have just got to wonder if you, Soup, might be cut out for some of that country living. A blind hole behind a barn, past the bed of an old truck? ....Sounds more like the story of a virgin.  HEY HEY an ace is an ace and I will say your ace scored ONE on your card. Now, mine scored a par and it looks like I will be serving BLVD. Beer next week due my errand ace! So, to all who read, come on out on Sun. 10:00am, Swope and join in on a fun round of golf, on me.  Oh and Jeff, DON"T FORGET THE DIVA!

Montgomery farm kicks butt.  From motorcross bikes to quads and kegs; you can't go wrong. We were protected with THE Palaskifield Militia/Farm Security so no messin' with us.  Ya'll missed out, ya hear?  The course around the quarry has some serious potential to be the best.
-Safety Tater (my name in the south)

Mike Penney:
If you clam to understand the message Soup, why are you still talking?

oh yeah....mums the word, I know that I don't know it.  You know?


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