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Mark Morales

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Cliff Drive Cleanup 6-18
« on: May 28, 2005, 03:05:37 PM »
On June 18 there will be numerous community groups clearing the small trees, and brush and honeysuckle from locations throughout the disc golf course. The groups participating will be the Pendleton Neighborhood Association (PNA), who has supported the disc golf course from day one, and they will be asking for ACCENT (community service workers) from the KCPD Central Patrol Division. Also other partners will be the KCPR, which PNA is asking if they can have numerous staff members available to assist, bring needed equipment, like front end loaders, chain saws, chipper shredder, and trash trucks, and herbicide killer.
The area of focus is around the Reservoir which PNA envisions clearing out all the trees and brush strategically, and eventually taking down the 100 year old ornamental fence, piece by piece, and strenghtening it and painting it, and putting it back up.
This is a date that needs to be confirmed with Police and ACCENT workers that PNA has requested. A phone call has been made today by PNA, and will inform all soon of the details.

On the same day from 9:00am - 1:00pm the KCFDC will work with the  ACCENT workers from the KCPD East Patrol Division and we will meet at Lexington and Prospect, with the police signing in the workers. The police will supervise the workers, and we can work along side them, and inform them of our priorities. As the days build up to the event, i will ask how many workers are available.
We will have a day that all club members, KCPR and other partners interested will meet probably at league on June 6, as we can prioritize then.
Any suggestions call your course coordinator House, as we can work out the details.

There is a good chance that we can have up to 30-40 + ACCENT workers this weekend, with club members, and other residents. Lets continue in making a difference and preparing for City of Fountains Classic July 16.

Remember failure to plan, is planning to fail.

Mark Morales

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Cliff Drive Cleanup 6-18
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2005, 10:17:15 AM »
Mark, one thing I would like to have noted, especially for those working around the reservior, is that the whole area inside and out is crawling with poison ivy. Another job that needs tending to, is the areas that we have already cleared the brush out adjacent to the grass fairways,  needs to have the ground scraped or tilled so as to remove the roots of honeysickle, poison ivy, and other small volunteer brush that is making a comeback. After a soften up of the ground we should seed it with grass. Of course, we may need to wait until fall to do the seeding. I plan to help on 6-18 provided I am not out of town, I will have to check. Christian 'the God Dam' Mann