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This past week we received contract approval to operate as a club at Shawnee Mission Park, we are pleased. I made an appearance at the monthly board meeting to thank them for their generous donation of the land and offer an invitation to come out and play once the course is installed.

So the question is, when is the course going to be installed?

Believe me, no one wants this course in place sooner than I do. I have been pressing  the park staff to schedule a date to set the basket foundations. A final walkthrough with the installation staff is happening next week. DGA Mach IIIs are being stored. We will then establish a date to auger the holes and pour the concrete for the pins. I will keep everyone posted here.  I REALLY hope this is done before the end of October, but we are at the will of the park dept.

As soon as we have got the exact locations set I will post a map in the KC Disc Golf Course Directory.

Sweet!!! :D

because the park said so.  We do it at their speed Tom, not ours.  It is their land, and this has been a long time in the making.  Ed and Jake first went to meetings for this over 6-7 years ago, and we are just now at thit point.  A few months longer is going to help us, not hurt us.

Hope that helps.


I just had another productive meeting with the Parks Dept. on Tuesday. The Superintendent surveyed the course along with the manager and land planner, who are pleased with the layout. The parks have agreed to set a date approx. two weeks from now to begin basket installation. So hopefully we are playing by the end of October/First of Nov.

I will post a map of the course and any further information in the next few weeks before the course opens.


Could someone be so kind as to add the directions to this park to the others on this site?
I would love to try this course as soon as its in.....


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