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Keys Found at Waterworks


Keyring with quite a few keys. Found it about 7pm on Sunday, sitting on a picnic table near Tee#1. Didn't want to leave it sitting out there, so I put them in the scorecard box on the wooden kiosk. Just an aside, but has anyone else noticed various people sitting around in cars toward the back of the park, and getting into cars with other people who drive up? Looks like more going on than disc golf.

I recall someone lost keys at Disc Golf Day last weekend, could be the same set.

If they are still there maybe Craig could grab them and store them with league stuff in case anyone speaks up.

was there a price choper card and an osco card on them?

Not that I can remember. I do recall that there were a few of those "Do Not Copy" type keys on it, so I assumed they must have been important to someone. Maybe they belong to someone who works for the Park service?


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