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Mad Dog:
With the approach of the summer heat I will be looking for a cooler way to play disc golf. I have played regularly at dawn in summers past. I will do so again this summer. I wish to open this up for everybody and anybody who wishes to get a round in before work. I am starting a recruiting drive now to gauge interest. Please post up if you are interested and also which day of the week you prefer.

The Dawn Patrol will start after the summer solstice at one of the many fine KC courses with a Dawn tee time (@6:00am). each week we will decide on the next date and the next course to play. The idea is to spread this league around town. This is a free league and also presumably a beer free league too. (A-Lefty that means that this is not a free beer league).

So, come on out and see the morning light and remember that we don't make disc golf fun, we make disc golf funner.  goD daM

I'm not much of a morning person but I could definately make it to Rosedale, Water Works, and Swope pretty easily.  WyCo and Olathe might prove to be difficult for me to drive that early in the morning :D

So count me in!


I'm in but my problem is I get off work at 7 and work in lenexa.. :?

Im a 2nd shifter that would love a morning league but 6 in the a.m. sounds awful early after getting off @ 1 a.m.

Which day of the week are you looking at having this on?


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