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white mccoy:
Fun new holes! 
Had a great time, even though the last 2 holes kicked my arse.

Weekend disc is always the highlight of my week too:)

DJ Twiggy (Sean C.):
Registration is now up and running for: Wind Water and Woods 2013. Please feel free to pay either myself (Sean Chancellor) or Narin Clouse in person if you catch up with us, or you can pay via PayPal. Please note that if you sign up thru PayPal, there is a $2 fee, so registration will be $52. The payPal link is below. After you have registered, please send an email to : WindWaterWoods@yahoo.com stating the two members of your team, your shirt sizes and your TEAM NAME. (Please be as creative as you want with the team name, but NO PROFANITY...........innuendos are fine.) Any questions, please feel free to ask. We have some great sponsors on board already, and have a several others about to join up!! LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!!!!



6 players out for league, Ice bowl weekend as well.
Very nice out, glad we got to enjoy the weather.

Narin / Dalton -9. $30
Ron /Steeler ?
Paul / Fox ?

League 12:30 Every Sunday.

Matt and I will be there tomorrow, looks like good weather. Who's in? Hope we play the new holes...i haven't had the chance to see them yet.

Yes we will.  Can't decide if we are playing wood holes or new dam holes.


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