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Yeah, little sloppy yesterday.  And after walking through the woods and and along the dam, I'm always way more tired than a normal round.  We had 15 out.  I'm not sure of all the scores and who was all there, but here's what I remember. 

Jordan H./Matt P. -6
Jake B./Mike -5
Mark M./Partner -4
Eric E./Boyd -3
Narin / Partner - 1
Others were +

I know John B, John K, Dalton P, Matt F, Kevin W, Ron K, and one other where there.  But I don't know who was partnered with who and who what all the other scores were.   

Planning on showing up tomorrow.  Hoping we retreat to the wooded holes.  Not usually a fan of playing in thick woods, but tomorrow, I think I'd prefer a tree in my way over having a 30mph wind in my face. 8)

Dealing with the wind today might be better than the rain soaked woods and dam holes.

14 out for a windy day of discing yesterday.  It almost reminded me of the 2012 GBO, but not quite as bad.

I do not have all of the details, but what I do know is...

Dalton P. and ?? -6
Eric E. and Josh  -2
Vince C. and Winston +5
Josh and Brandon +7
Steeler, Narin, and some other new faces were there, but I am not sure of their scores. 

We played 1 through 7, the hanging basket, 6 dam holes, 9 through 11, and 17A.

I think Narin and Matt F. were even and Steeler Doug was maybe 2 over. 


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