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Attention Dalton P. u r a GREAT Talent!! We killed it on new Fantastic lay out! Any time I would be honored to go to battle anywhere / anytime w/u as a TEAM!! Thank u for the memories. And thank u to the new Miles North disc golf shop! 4 the sweet New Prodigy disc!!!! Much luv K.C

7 players out for league on Sunday. We played a few reg course holes and the wood holes. Brand new #3 hole was put in.

Narin/ Steeler -6
Brandon/ Wunston -4
Dalton/ Fox -4
Sean/ Sean -1

League is happening today.  Grab your big boy pants and see you at 1230. You may need to park south of hole 1. On the road.

7 out for a snow round.  As deep as the snow was it wasn't too hard to find discs as nobody had been on the course yet.  Only one disc lost and it was a white disc so not too much trouble.   A few used ribbons, but it seemed to slow it down quite a bit and the rest of us just risked it.  We played regular/normal 18. 

Eric E/Jeff 46 (-8) and bogey free
Sean Chancellor/Cali 49 (-5)
Narin/Mike 51 (-3)
Aaron/Kelly 54 (E)

I had a blast, first time playing in snow. And I completely blame the ribbon on my disc for my poor throwing. 


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