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--- Quote from: dickthediscparker on July 30, 2008, 01:11:49 PM ---Wow, the back nine even LOOKS boring from an ariel view.

--- End quote ---

Like Pleasant Hill without the lake? :D

The Bird Father:
Atleast Pleasant Hill has a variety of shots and not just hyzer, hyzer, hyzer....oh wait...another hyzer.....ok...now what.....oh a hyzer...I think I have that....what do you do on this hole...umm..probably a hyzer.

Shawnee Mission park needs a complete redesign in my opinion...with the land that is there to be utilized it is a very poor layout.  Heck playing it backwards looks more fun than regular.

Another rare occasion when I actually agree with Dick....let's not let this happen too often!

Hey now. I resemble that remark!!

David E:
I would argue SMP has a lot more anny's then PH and it's what 1000' ft longer? (SMP is 6300ft).
I's not the entire back that is hyzer....hyzer etc. 11, 13, 15 18....10, 12, 14, 16 and 17 are straight are anny's (or is it anni?)

Both are new and could use a few tweaks here and there but overall it's good to see two new courses in the area none the less....

So how's things out there after this summer?  I know they played the tournament there last weekend, are the tee pads in?  Is it still bad with the ivy and bugs?  Are they dog friendly (what's the likelihood of being hassled)?  I've not been out there at all yet, so kinda curious what to expect, was thinking about playing tomorrow.


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