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So I got a chance to play Shawnee today.  I was impressed with the selection of shots, and the use of elevation on the course.  It seemed like I was driving into headwinds (either direct or with a crosswind element) a LOT, and when I wasn't driving into the wind, I was throwing uphill :).  I can see this course developing into a bunch of nice par 4's in the future. 

The 59 I shot wasn't too great, but I did get 2 birdies, and look forward to playing next weekend to cut out all those bogies.

I got to play on Saturday as Dirk was placing all the tee markers. It was a little windy which I think will probably be the norm since it sits at a higher elevation. We started with three and ended with six in our group. The group grew because Dirk was in our group and they had to play with us or behind us to know were the tee markers were going to be. There were a lot of bogeys and double bogeys, but I got through with only one bogey and four birdies to set the new course record of 51.

51 is pretty good.  Nice shooting.  I've got something to gun for now :).

I got to play this course Sunday with the Flying Palmers, and I enjoyed it tremendously.  I really like the surrounding terrain here.  Lots of Osage Orage and buckbrush out there to make me feel like I was in the woods after deer, which I should have been this weekend.  From my point of view, the beauty of the surroundings are a big slice of what makes a course enjoyable.  I enjoy WW and BVP because of the breathtaking scenery, and Cliff Drive is my favorite because you get put in the woods.  Shawnee Mission has a different feel than the rest.  It's a bit like going bird hunting, as you are close to woods the whole time, but you are walking the field.  And the the fields have nice hedgerows and brushy islands here and there to make you feel less like you are just walking across a ball golf course.

I'm not sure how many folks would agree with me, but I'd like to see this park keep its rough edges, and make it a bit unique among KC courses.  Instead of struggling with the Parks people to get all the fairways mowed flat like WyCO, you could just take a queue from courses like Sioux Passage in STL and have narrow, defined fairways between tall-grass OB.  I am not one who likes losing discs in tall grass, nor picking up socks full of chiggers, but I think the personality it would lend the course to keep it as wild as possible would more than make up for it.

Everyone involved did a fantastic job working with the terrain to pick out the shots, and walking the course is a really pleasant interaction with nature.  I hope we are able to balance preserving as much of the natural landscape as possible while satisfying the masses as the course goes forward.

Thanks to everyone for putting in another great course in KC, and for doing it five minutes from my workplace!

I played the course on Saturday. My opinion is as follows:

Holes 1 - 9: Pretty good design. Hole 2 may have been my favorite.

Holes 10 - 18: Challenging shots of the tee-pad on several holes, but every hole looks about the same. I felt like I was throwing the same tee shot on most of them. The back nine was a completely different course that was not near as good as the front.

Overall, good potential. It really leaves a lot of room for expansion and tweaking in the future. I did enjoy the front nine (with exception to hole 4, but those kind of holes cannot be avoided sometimes I suppose).

One question I have - Are all the trees on the back nine dead? Honestly, I kind of thought that the back nine was too open and repetitive. The shots were failry challenging, but, well, it is just more of the same. If the trees are not dead, then those shots will be more interesting with leaves. How about a mowed out mandatory island green on a hole or two on the back...


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