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Marker for Hole #7


Just had a chance to play the park with my son. We had a great time. My son is 6 and for once didn't complain about the length, so this should be great for introducing the game to younger players.

One thought. While playing today, I initially could not find the Tee for #7. The group ahead of me and the group behind ran into the same issue. Some sort of sign directing people across the street would be helpful.

Great job on the course lay-out. I'm looking forward to many rounds.

David E:
We played Saturday AM, same trouble.  I realize it will take some time to get the tee markers but a quick temporary sign behine the 6th basket woudl help!

We played eight, then realized we'd missed it and hunted around until we found it.

Love the layout - we even saw a 10 point buck on #10!!!


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