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Quess who is coming back soon?

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big country:
:lol:  Hey everyone how has it been going just wanna let all of you know that i will be returning soon to kick some butt, see all of you soon.

                                              big country, kevin smith

who is this masked person? :lol:   Hope to see you soon.

Kevin Montgomery:
About damn time.....   We'll expect to see you at WyCo league soon!! (among other courses of course)

big country:
i will be at wyco thhis friday for league if everything goes right until then. 8)

Kevin Montgomery:
No league this Friday. With the Wide Open playing there on Saturday morning and players meeting Friday evening we are canceling it for Friday of this week. You are welcome to come out and play the course with the ropes that the pros will be using though. I expect there will be some others come out and want to play league. Maybe you can get some sort of $ round going in a casual way. I'll see you next week for sure though.


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