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EC Agenda 1/10/08
« on: January 09, 2008, 04:08:00 PM »
All are encouraged to attend, we will be meeting at TMS 701 SW Blvd KCK.  I would encourage all those that want to run for a position to be in attendance, at this point, I would say that we will probably be having the elections after the Ice Bowl, where we can let the other 260+ people that should be playing know about the event as well.  If you have any questions, please call me.



KCFDC E/C Meeting 1/10/2008

6:30-Call to order
6:32-See if we have Meeting Minutes from September Meeting (No Quorum)
6:35- Election location ideas, date  before or after Ice Bowl? , nominations to date

(Shiners lodge-$130, +$50 for a bartender)

(Possible Westin for free)
6:55- Ice Bowl-Rick, have New Belgium on board, where we need other help with, Chili, power, more foods….
7:10-’09 Worlds-Jack-Hotel, is $129-$139 @ Westin too much for our players to pay, does it make more sense to have the event in OP for $109 instead, and should we push downtown with all new amenities towards our players, I think we should, what do others think?  Courses need to get list of what every CC wants done to make their course an A++ ready place to play.

7:25 Newsletter Information-Rick What do we want, and how to get it all online, and available for print to those that need it?  Do we send only the online note with a link and basic advertisement on postcards, or do we continue to make an actual dead tree version?

7:35- Upcoming events, lets plan out the entire year, or at least through the Summer, how many KCFDC events need to be PDGA with the Worlds fast approaching, many events will fill at max levels with the interest.

7:45-Wide Open-Dan, last year for Team Cashen, who will step and take over as the running man for this event, last year for NT probably as well, next year A or B tier to defray from Worlds activity, possibly April or Early May time frame….Where are we at for 2008 KCWO

7:55-Open Discussion


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