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Hello everyone, I'm glad I found this website, and club as I begin my journey into Disc Golf hobby.  I have a few questions maybe someone can help me out.

Where do you get the score cards?  Or is this just something most people write down on a notepad or something?

When do most players end up purchasing a bag?  I bought a Innova 3 disc starter package, and currently plan to just carry them around, since I dont really want to spend an extra $20 for a bag.  Any ideas for good makeshift disc bags?

Finally where is the best place to get equipment locally?

I'm sure more questions will come up but that's all I got now.

-Dennis :)

Disc Golf World in downtown KCMO, Dick Parker's Choi Disc at Mission road and SW Blvd, Red X in Riverside are a few places.  also the course coordinators have disc for sale at leagues.  MOKAN also have disc when one of their members are at the courses (glow league Thursday Night 6pm at Waterworks, Down Under Leage on Saturday 12:30pm at Rosedale).


Mike Penney:
Welcome to the world of Disc Golf!!!!

Disc Golf a hobby????? You will soon find it a way of life........ :lol:
Scorecards.....well those were provided once upon a time at Water Works Park, I'm not really sure what happened. We tried to provide them at Rosedale but do to vandels gave up. :cry:  So if you want to keep score just a piece of paper will do.

 A bag, well if you ask Pete he'll tell ya 3 disc's in hand are better then 20 in a bag. I can't say I disagree with him either. Dan hit the nail fairly well though. Although it's Koi Disc's, Dick can be reached @ 816-510-7051. Disc Golf World 816-472-Disc, I'm sure those guys will be more then happy to help you out. Another place is Oklahoma Joe's on the corner of Mission RD & 47th street. I have seen just plain old duffle bags used. So don't think having a bag is a big deal, but they are nice.

Be aware that the league's that Dan mentioned will change with the time changes. There will be a New Players League, it is still be discussed as far where and what time, but traditionally it's at Rosedale on monday night and it's FREE to play. Last year there was a great group of guys to play with. As I am sure there will be this year. :lol:

I got a couple of questions for you Dennis. Are you a Club member yet :?:
How did you "DISCover" the club website :?:

Well I hope I answered your questions. Feel free to ask more. I 'm sure one of us long winded golfers will do our best to answer them.

Have fun, that's the Golden Rule in Disc Golf!

Hey thanks for getting back to me both of you.  I will have to check out the mentioned shops.

That's too bad about the vandals, do they have to ruin everything?  At any rate I'm sure it would be fairly easy to generate some type of generic scorecard w/ todays technoology :) I was just wondering if they actually had one already done and for sale.

As far as the bag goes I need to go check out one of the local shops to get me a starter bag.  I'd buy one online but I'd rather feel the materials, and pay sales tax instead of shipping.

I found this site after I found the PDGA and did a search for courses close to me, and there was link to KCFDC.  I am not a member of KCFDC but I have read the registration app, and am considering joining.

So how do these leagues that you mentioned run?  I think the beginner league is exactly what I need to get the feel of the game.

How long does it typically take to play a 18 hole round?  My work is close to Water Works, and I've thought about taking a lunch trip over there.

Thanks again!

Mike Penney:
Kids will be kids. Hopefully they grow out of their destructive ways......

Out of curiosity, what disc's came with the starter pack you bought?

As score cards are right...this would be a great place to get a downloadable score far as bags go I have found in my past experience that one with a bottle holder ( for obvious reasons) and a zipper ( good for not loosing keys and money  :wink: ) are good to have...

League's......hmmm well they are generally ran like a tournament, but much more laid back and generally a tad more fun. New players league is an excellent place to start. Stay tuned hear for more info on that. Water Works is a tough course ,but a great place to take lunch. I believe it is the rated second in the PDGA. There is a league ran there on Thursday nights that is always a blast.

Becoming a club member besides the camaraderie has some great advantages. First of all you get to vote on the executive committee. There is a club championship and picnic weekend at the end of the season that your dues pay for. You play leagues at a discounted rate, and club plastic is cheaper.

I hope to meet you on the course this season......remember have fun.... :lol:


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