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Mark M:
So I'm taking my 13-year old daughter out to play a bit of disc golf this weekend and wanted to know a good beginner disc.

I have your typical "Frisbee"—just plastic, somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 grams or so, and it's rather large (my guess is around 24 cm at least).

And while we had fun throwing in the backyard, I'd like to get her something that is easy to throw straight and has good glide to it.

Nothing too expensive, and something even I could use if she doesn't catch the bug. :)

Any suggestions?

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My daughters are younger.  I used to give them old drivers, but they really did not like them that well.  I think the key is, a disc that will stay in the air longer.  I gave my 8 year old a putter and she loved it!  Of course I told her every shot that was straight was a great shot.  Your daughter is older and can probably handle some real drivers.  I would stay light, like even 150 class.  Flippy discs work well for starters (XL, Stratus, Pro TeeBird, Leopard, etc.)  You might even try the Sidewinder.  Also, there are some discs that are for beginners, although I have seen pro's using them.  i.e. Express (LRD), and Shark (mid.).  Buy her a new disc, after all, she is a teen, and let her pick the color!  These things really matter to some young ladies (and gentlemen too).  Good Luck!

Mark M:
Thanks for the info!!

What's the average cost for something like the ones you listed? Money's a bit tight right now (well, it's REAL tight right now), and I don't want to spend a whole lot ... like around $10, if that's even possible. Not sure it is, though.

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You can buy "regular" plastic discs for about $8.00 each.  The more expensive discs are about $14.00 each.  If money is tight, then she will understand if she has to use your old discs, and if you can find a real beat up one, it might be better than a new one, because it will be flippy allready.

Kevin Montgomery:
Buy her a light, 150 class, mid-range.  There are several beginner discs in light weights available.  Try the Aero
or Shark
or even the Classic Roc

The Classic Roc comes in really lightweight plastic. Disc Golf World has lots of this sort of thing and they have retail hours during the day now. Give them a call. I recommend getting one of these and having her stick with one disc until she gets the hang of it. Any of these three will work for her whole game until she is ready to branch out. Have fun and good luck.


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