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Hey P Hill course players. I am going to bring my mulch machine to the park either on saturday or Sunday. If anybody wants to help gather dead branches so they can be mulched let me know. I think some mulch around the tee pads will be helpful and will cut down on dirty tee pads. Also it will clean up the park a little bit and clear out some of the dead branches laying around.


I'll help...might even have Brandon too.  Let me know when.....

john theiss:
Dudes, we need mulch at Rosie for the ICE BOWL.  It is going to get tore up. I think we need to mulch out there or put down some straw.  I would be glad to help any time on Saturday and would stay till it was done.    Rosie needs to be preped for the cattle drive of golfers.

Who has extra hay bales and lets mulch Rosie or out out some hay. 

John Theiss

Um I was talking about mulching P Hill, since Im prob not playing in the ice bowl I am not going to put all the energy into a course and a tournament that im not going to participate in. NOT TO BE RUDE

john theiss:
Nobody is reading these posts anyway and you know that i already know that you are rude.  It isnt a waist of time if it helps keep the course nice.  I just cant do it by myself since i do not have a truck or trailor. 


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