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Doubles Tournament - April 19th @ Pleasant Hill (Prostate Cancer Benefit)

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David E:
Limited to 54 Teams / 108 Players
Sign up early online, or by mail
Complete Details are available at:

$35 pp/ $70 per team
> Disc
> Lunch
> Beverages (water, PowerAde etc)
> More
> Prizes, CTP etc.

[The KCFDC Calendar indicates Rosedale, the correct location is Pleasant Hill]

Kevin Montgomery:

--- Quote from: bradley996 on February 10, 2008, 03:22:21 PM ---[The KCFDC Calendar indicates Rosedale, the correct location is Pleasant Hill]

--- End quote ---

Calendar has been corrected.

David E:
If you tried to register in the last 48 hours, we had some website issues, they are now resolved.

We are up to 14 teams.

Did you know, by playing in this event you are helping support Prostate Cancer Research!

> Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in America, striking one in six men.
> A man is 33% more likely to develop prostate cancer than a woman is to get breast cancer.
> One in six American men will get prostate cancer.
> A nonsmoking man is more likely to get prostate cancer than the next seven most common cancers combined.
> In 2008, an estimated 218,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer -one new case every 3 minutes.
> Every year 29,000 men fail treatment and die from Prostate cancer, one every 19 minutes.
> In the time it takes us to play this event..........18 men will die from Prostate Cancer, one for each hole!

The Bird Father:
How does the tier system work for this event?  Do you mean we will be flighted after the first round?

David E:
Here is how were are going the do the tiers:

Let's assume we are fortunate enough to get 30 teams to play -

After both rounds we'll line up the score cards up.
Top 10 are in the first flight
11-20 are in second flight
21-30 are in third flight

Bottom line, score low!!! I'm predicting the winners will be -30 after two rounds.

It works like a ball golf scramble for those who have played in one of those.
Ties may cause the tiers to be slightly different.
A few things to remember:
First and foremost, this is a charity event to raise money for Prostate Cancer research.
We chose the Pleasant Hill course to expose many of us to a new course, one that we may not go out to play.

The player pack includes a logo DGA disc, lunch etc)

We'll have a CTP on the course for a mini basket, (probably hole 8), a CTP/putting contest at lunch for a Mach Lite Portable and an ACE pot for $5 (my guess is there will be several!!!)

The nine winning teams will each win a variety of prizes.
The players on the winning team will each win:
A DGA Prize Pack (Hat, Towel and T-Shirt), a sweet limited edition disc, $25 Disc Golf World Gift Certificates

I look forward to meeting those of you that are playing!!!!

David Emerson


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