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How the heck do you use this thing?  If I get a email from someone that emails the address can't I just hit reply and send it back to the whole list again?  Or do you have to actually go to Topica's website to post messages etc?


-Confused Dennis  :?

Kevin Montgomery:
You should be able to just reply. I noticed you and Jeff both sending to Topica and the reply coming up completely blank. I think the problem lies elsewhere. I reply to Topica all the time without any problems using a Road Runner account and Mozilla Thunderbird. Perhaps it's the e-mail client you are using. I wish I could be more help to you guys.

Ya I was trying to help Jeff earlier assuming that mine was working just fine, and then you replied saying my message was blank too :?

I'm using gmail which typically helps manage all the replies to Topica in one email instead of having individual emails for the same topic.  Even another reason to use this fantastic forum more :D

Thanks Kevin.


OK today I tried to reply again and got this return email:

Subject of the message: Re: WYCO Leauge
Recipient of the message: "" <>
Your email was rejected due to the following: Prohibited Content

That was all it said :S Topica doesn't like me  :x



I went into Topica to reply to the message through their email method, and got the same Undeliverable message  :x


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