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Please Pay Attention of your actions


Rosedale, #16&#17 come to mind, as does Pleasant Hill and the yard that states don't get your disc......this is all to common, and it comes from the actions of a few.  Please leave your favorite piece of plastic in the yard, and either go knock on the door after the round, or buy a replacement......hence why you should always carry 2 of your favorite discs.....

Glad you mentioned Pleasant Hill, the tees for holes #11 and #12 have signage stating do not go into the adjoining property (across the road) plus the property is posted with Keep Out signs.  The property owner has already complained to the City of Pleasant Hill (thats why the additional signs are on those tees).  The owner has agreed to periodically take discs found to the City, who will notify me and I will make every effort to return discs.  So far the City hasn't called with any found discs (I know of at least 4 that have been lost in this field), evidently because players are going in for discs and keeping anything they find. ???   This is an older couple who haved owned this property for over 30 years, and do not have much patience with Savanah Land tourist turning around in their drives or disc golfers climbing their fences.  We need to stay off of their property!   

Disc golf is not a crime! ;D

In all seriousness, it all comes down to simple respect. You just don't wander onto other folks' property without permission. Do the right thing and either knock on the door or leave a note. It would really suck to see a course get removed over something like that.

Actually, they have requested that people do not knock on the door.....thats why the signs are there.  If you throw into their field, its the same as if you threw it into the middle of the lake....its gone. :-\ 


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