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Work day April 30
« on: March 28, 2005, 05:03:13 PM »

Saturday, April 30, 2005
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. – RAIN OR SHINE !

Project Participants:
Northland Community Alliance, KCMO Parks Department, KCMO Police Department – North Patrol Division, KC Flying Disc Frisbee Golf Club, Boy Scouts – Troop 9 and Cub Scouts-Pack 9, Claymont Homes Association, and other neighborhood groups.

We will meet at 9am at Waterworks Park in the upper parking lot (closest to North Oak and the playground equipment) to divide into work teams.  Volunteers should provide their own gloves and any other equipment such as rakes, clippers, shovels that they will need to help with the clean up.  Neighborhood groups may also choose to use this day as a clean up day for their own neighborhood.

Project Work Areas Include:

Water Works Park – Pick up trash, tree limbs and branches and stack into piles near edge of road; rake leaves and trash along stone walls and remove; wipe down play equipment, sweep play ground surface and remove branches and trash; spread mulch on frisbee golf trails.  Pick up trash along either side of entrance on N. Oak.
Briarcliff School, Trail and Greenway – pick up trash put into trash bags and pile limbs in piles for removal.

Briarcliff Parkway – pick up trash, stack any brush in piles for pick up, rake if necessary.

NCA Staff - coordinate project, request food from N. Oak merchants, design flyers – recruit volunteers, send press releases to press, invite neighborhoods to participate in clean up, take flyers to Briarcliff School to distribute through students to parents
Invite Briarwood West Homes Association volunteers to beautify south end of Briarcliff Parkway??
Invite other neighborhood groups to get involved in project or have clean up in their own neighborhood the same day.
Send info to NCA board members and NCA neighborhoods about project
Get donation of: Water, ice, cups, napkins, paper towels, drinks, 1st aid kit, get donations of food,

KCMO Police Department-North Patrol -  organize and monitor community service workers at work site

KCMO Park Dept. staff – provide trash bags, tools and pick up trash bags and branches, provide portable toilet in park

KC Flying Disc Frisbee Golf Club -  provide volunteers to work on day of clean up

Boy Scout Troop 9: The boy scouts are tasked with picking up trash along North Oak.  This runs from the north boundary of the park (by the bus shelter at Hill Street), to the south boundary (where the guardrail starts--this is also directly across the street from the south driveway at Cerner--previously known as the Farmland building).  Parks Department would also like any downed limbs placed on the shoulder of N. Oak.  It would probably be a good idea to designate an adult leader to be in charge overall and the Troops boy leadership to supervise.
Cub Scout Pack 9:  The cub scouts are tasked with picking up trash and tree limbs from around Briarcliff School and the Briarcliff Nature Trail.  Downed limbs should be brought to the top of the hill, or to the east entrance of the trail by the dead end street.  The Pack should also designate a leader.  

Claymont Homes Association Volunteers – participate in their own clean sweep of their neighborhood and beautify northern end of Briarcliff Parkway
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