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Dan Weinert:
I have seen several links over the years for downloadable scorecards. Some links worked well and some were inactive.

To download cards for you and your group of homies to use, please follow these links-

For a card that will accommodate up to 6 golfers-

For a card that will accommodate up to 4 golfers-

Once downloaded to your computer, print at 100%, fold on the dotted lines (into 3 equal panels), then fold right after the #9 line.

You will end up with a handy, compact, 3 match and easy to use scorecard. Each section has a place for date, location and conditions. (warm, cold, windy, wet, etc...)


Dan Weinert:
WOW...65 looks and no takers. Either no one uses score cards or everybody allready has their own. This card plays nice and remembers everything...we fight a lot less when we use it.

Well...enjoy if you need it...sorry to bother you if you don't

Dan  ;) 8) ;)

Kevin Montgomery:
Coulda sworn I downloaded it before. I grabbed it again if I didn't the first time. Thanks for providing these.

Dan Weinert:
Ran out of score cards for the vehicle...this message was burried about 9 boards deep.

Above is the link for downloadable scorecards...ENJOY!

Dan Weinert:
Opened this back up for more score cards...enjoy!

Got them in all my budies cars so there's never a reason for someone not to have a score card!

Dan  :o


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