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Mad Dog:
Report: Friday 6-24-05

Note: This is not the Dawn Patrol it is the Morning Patrol due to the 8:00 am tee time.

Starting at 8:00 am; it was a hot 75 degrees, humid, and hazy. The wind out of the S-SW was light to breezy and played heavily on the ridge tops and open fairways. The course was set simply short, no surprises. It seemed that everyone had a little trouble somewhere on the course, but some how we managed to bag 9 birdies, along with 20 bogeys and five 'others'. The patrol wasn't the first ones out, and when we left a dozen or so others had taken up the cause. The course looks to be in quite fine shape.

  The first weeks results:
     DJayhawk               56
     maD doG                56
     firerec                    58
     tkienzle                  69

  Next week, 8:00 am Rosdale 6-31-05. All are welcome to play at the nice time of day.

Great morning!  Short course is kind of an understatement :) I just counted it up and I teed w/ a Roc 16 out of 18 holes!  It was fun to play Rosedale that short though, and I wasn't dissapointed at all to see 9 moved finally :)

If it's still set up like that for Monday, the beginners league will love it, so if possible can we leave it like that until then?



I thought I had a 57. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week.

Mad Dog:
Actually I miss counted the back nine on your score. I still have the card  if you you wish to check my math. In fact, I will let you score and post next week, firerec.

Note: there will be a true Dawn Patrol on Monday July 4th at 6:00 am at Rosedale. The Patrol will be setting off 'fairwayside improvised explosives' in lieu of the American Holiday.  -maD doG

Mike Penney:
So does that mean I can light fire crackers while you're putting?  :twisted:  :D  :lol:  :wink:  :o


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